Cute cats - videos from YouTube etc.

Cute Kitten Purrflections - Furball Fables

Gunnar is an adorable and cute kitten - going about his kitten life with purrsonality. A well-made video & enjoyable to watch.

Fun with Crackers

This is a cute little kitten doing all sorts of things, and the video is well-made. The author says he was minding a very cute kitten for a few days before she was re-homed. She was found in some bushes, but preferred hanging out in his room.

Potter, the crippled cat

A cute video of the tender relationship between Potter, a crippled cat, and his caretaker who also has a disability -- MS disease. Potter was adopted by Stephanie who found her at an animal shelter. His paw is bent so he hobbles a bit. No one knows what the nature of Potter's accident was but he now has a loving home.

Cats Say Thank You For Thanksgiving

This is just a heart-warming video, sort of, made for thanksgiving.

Trust and Friendship

Do I trust him? A short and sweet video about trying to win a cat's affection.

Kitten and the ball

First, Meowrice is not interested in the ball... later on she gives it a try! Nice music too!

An interpretive dance?

You would think Copper kitten is doing an "interpretive" dance to the music. He also plays with a red ball. Copper is a Cream Tabby Persian.

Chester at winter

Kids will probably enjoy watching this video, even though Chester (Scottish Fold cat) doesn't do anything very interesting - just moves about in the snow and the playground. He avoids children and is timid about the slide but loves dogs.

The story of Reuben

Watch a story of a family pet's interesting life.

Cat watching a video of himself

This orange 3 1/2-month old cat is watching a YouTube video of himself! Kind of cute.

A cat dries her face in a towel

Bianca gets her face wet, then dries it in a towel just like people would do! She does this trick every day, says the owner.

Kitten plays with yarn

This is your typical kitten, trying to pull the piece of yarn down, and having lots of fun in the task!

Kittens meeowing impatiently for food

These kittens are seven weeks old, waiting on their dinner being prepared. They have been ill with cat flu and here are just starting to get their appetite back.

Two talking cats

These cats -- whether they be friends or sisters or sister & brother -- seem to enjoy chatting and meowing with each other. Kind of cute!

The kittens

This video features some cute kittens and their mom, just in their normal daily lives.

A Surprised Kitty

This will make you laugh! Someone tickles the kitty... and watch what happens!

Little Cute Cat Begging for Food

This little kitten is meowing and holding his hands to get food!

A cat and a watermelon

Rolling on the floor with a watermelon... that's the life for a cat!

A Kitten, Mirror, and Shoes

This is just a cute little kitten showing normal kitten behavior: she's not sure of her mirror image, she gets into the shoe, and such like. But she's cute!

Another kitten freaked at her mirror image

This kitten is scared at the other one in the mirror!

Cat in a carousel

This cat is getting a ride like being in a carousel. I like the music!

Another kitten catching her tail

This is a Himalayan kitten named Delphi, trying to catch her tail. You'll also see her brother there and some play with paper.

A Russian blue kitten

This kitten is playing with a wad of paper; it seems to be lots of fun!