Cats with other animals - YouTube videos

Top 10 Cats and Dogs Best Friends

Who said cats and dogs can't be friends? Some adorable footage here!

Abandoned dog bonds with paralyzed cat

Ruth, a cat, and Idgie, a dog, were abandoned together and now share an inseparable bond.

Cat and dog — best friends!

Lacey is a 14-week old puppy, and Hannah is an 8-month old cat. They are best friends. This happens all the time. Adorable!

Cat is a mom to ducklings!

This is a very extraordinary occurrence... a mother cat, having just given birth, happens upon newborn ducklings and adopts them! But it's even more special than that... watch the video to find out!

Fox cub and kitten

Quite cute... little fox and kitten playing together :).

Cat plays with calves

The cat is "on top", it seems like! Able to walk high on top and make tiny swats at the calves.

Cat and parrot

These two are playing "footsie" -- putting their feet together.

Cat and dog tango

Two pets are getting to know each other... touching and reaching... as if playing a tango.

Cat licking dog

This is soooo cute! This cat is dutifully & lovingly cleaning the dog's fur and ear while the dog is dozing off.

Calf and cat

A two-day old calf (baby cow) bathes a kitten on a dairy farm in Prince Edward Island.

Cat and turtle

A turtle is trying to make friends with a cat, but the cat isn't interested at all.

Cat adopts puppies

Three orphaned puppies get adopted and nursed by a cat, who's also lost a kitten.

Dog, Cat, and Rat

If this dog, cat, and rat can get along so well, why can't people?

Cat Adopts a Rabbit

This is a cut, short video about a cat mommy who is taking care of an orphaned little rabbit, along with her own kitties.

A Cat Adopts Baby Squirrels

Some baby squirrels had fallen out of a tree during a storm, and this cat started taking care of them, including nursing the new babies!

A Dog Nurses Motherless Kittens

It works the other way around too - this time a dog became a mommy to orphaned kittens from three different litters.

A small kitten and a pitbull

This video has no sound, but I decided to include it because of the tender affection shown between the small kitten and the big dog. It is adorable!

Cat and bunny

This white cat and black-and white bunny rabbit are best friends, resting and cuddling together in this video.

A parrot caresses a cat

Coco the parrot massages Lucky's head and face. Both are curious about one another.

A cat and dog love story

The dog does the licking and cleaning for the cat, and the also there's more grooming and some playful nipping! Nice music in the video.