Cute cats - videos from YouTube etc.

Cozmo the robot & Myloe the cat

A little robot and a cat are best buddies!

Best Kitty Hug Ever

Just a cut short clip of a hug-loving cat! "My cat's name is Kira. She loves to cuddle. Every time I sit or lie down, she runs to me to hug me."

Baby loves cat

This is more about a cute baby than about a cute cat... actually the baby is ADORABLE!

How Cats Make Us Smile

Furball fun with cute music. :)

Kitten fighting sleep

This kitten falls asleep... then suddenly wakes back up – repeatedly!

Zoom Groom Madness

Miss Pee Cat-Pats-trophe – intense fur removal. :)

Stevie is blind

See how a blind cat lives his life in Ireland.

Little kittens meowing and talking

This is a compilation of kitten MEOWS! — most often for food, of course!

Crazy kitten attacking and playing with daddy

This is a fun video where Button is playing with the father of the family, jumping and pretend-attacking. By the way, "Dad" chats Polish to her.

Compilation of cute cats

Upbeat music and lots of cuties and cute cat behaviors!

Cute Kitten Purrflections - Furball Fables

Gunnar is an adorable and cute kitten - going about his kitten life with purrsonality. A well-made video & enjoyable to watch.

Fun with Crackers

This is a cute little kitten doing all sorts of things, and the video is well-made. The author says he was minding a very cute kitten for a few days before she was re-homed. She was found in some bushes, but preferred hanging out in his room.

Potter, the crippled cat

A cute video of the tender relationship between Potter, a crippled cat, and his caretaker who also has a disability -- MS disease. Potter was adopted by Stephanie who found her at an animal shelter. His paw is bent so he hobbles a bit. No one knows what the nature of Potter's accident was but he now has a loving home.

Cats Say Thank You For Thanksgiving

This is just a heart-warming video, sort of, made for thanksgiving.

Trust and Friendship

Do I trust him? A short and sweet video about trying to win a cat's affection.

Kitten and the ball

First, Meowrice is not interested in the ball... later on she gives it a try! Nice music too!

An interpretive dance?

You would think Copper kitten is doing an "interpretive" dance to the music. He also plays with a red ball. Copper is a Cream Tabby Persian.

Chester at winter

Kids will probably enjoy watching this video, even though Chester (Scottish Fold cat) doesn't do anything very interesting - just moves about in the snow and the playground. He avoids children and is timid about the slide but loves dogs.

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