The best funny cat videos from YouTube

Invisible challenge

A cat can be fooled by the invisible wall prank – but for how long?

How to Be the Perfect Cat

Watch and learn as Oreo teaches you how to be the perfect cat. :)

Funny Cats Compilation

Guaranteed to get a few smiles on your face... a compilation of home videos of FUNNY CATS!

Funny sleeping positions

You'll see a cat sleeping in a coffee cup, in a bowl, in a flower pot, strawn over someone's lap, in a soccer game, and so on... :^)

A kitten and an iPad

A short video... I'm sure this behavior is typical of cats seeing games on phones/tablets.

Cats getting baths

This video is done to some great music (Splish Splash) and it's funny how the cats seem to not mind the bath at all!

Philosopher Cat

Can you travel through inner space? This cat can!

A cat and a dog face each other

A cat and a dog face each other -- I assume the dog is on the cat's territory. Who will chase who? Check what happens in the very end!

Cat and the printer

This cat tries to fix the printer, and watch what happens next!

A cat's favorite drawer

The owner describes this video like this: "Five minutes of my unmentionables packed into sixty seconds. Thank you Cecilia for organizing my underwear and encouraging me to shut my dresser drawer."

Kitten eating broccoli

This little kitten is a broccoli lover and won't let go of it!

Cat and a computer game

This one will make you laugh! Sassy tries to get the guy in Wii Fit computer game!

Kitten and a remote control mouse

Tink the kitten is kind of afraid of the remote control mouse, but still wants to catch it too!

A cat plays with his shadow

This cat, named "Monk", chases his shadow and is having fun!

Cats chase a robotic ball

The ball (called Sphero) is controlled using a smartphone. Cats love chasing it, of course!

Cat plays a computer game

This funny little cat gets absorbed by a computer game and "races" along with the car!

Silly Kittens & Toilet Paper

This is a funny video showing a bunch of kittens enjoying a toilet paper roll! They pull the paper down, and down, and down...

Fifteen signs you're obsessed with your cat

Check whether you're a true cat fan with these 15 signs!

Funny Cats

Lots of little clips put together again. You'll see cats climbing, running, jumping, chasing, pulling toilet paper, shaking paws, playing ping pong -- just being funny!

Cat on a trampoline

Nothing extraordinary... but kids might enjoy watching this video. The cat tries to "catch" the hump on the trampoline that keeps moving around...

Soccer cat

A really short video clip showing a cat playing with a ball. Cool!

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